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Exploring Portugal through kids' eyes.

Telling the story of Portugal's rich history, our free children's tours offer a fun way to explore the many sites and curiosities in the areas of Lisbon, Cascais & Sintra. They itineraries offer plenty of sights to see and things to do that are based on detailed and well-researched historical insights. If you're looking for something to do on your vacation to Portugal, our self-guided tours are engaging stories that are handy to print and carry around.

These self-guided tours feature short narratives (~10 pages) packed with images in which relevant sights are highlighted and explained in greater detail in an attached index. On the last page is a map that pinpoints those sights so that the guides function as a thorough way of touring Lisbon, Cascais or Sintra. Or you can plan your trip to those areas independently and catch the spots mentioned in the story that are on your way. Either way, these self-guided tours offer an itinerary for you and your children which is designed to lead you through cultural highlights while offering plenty of things to do on the way.

Inspired by the author's own children, the guides were composed with great fondness for storytelling and history lessons that engage the reader. The land of discoveries is also fair game for discovering!


Featured Tours

Tragic story of King Sebastian

Visit Lisbon of 1570s and the poignant story of Sebastian, the boy who was born a king but died a boy.

Life by the Sea in a fishing village

Join Alvaro over a typical day for him as the son of a fisherman in the Cascais of 1910.

Childe Harold's Sintra

The Romantic impluse that fired young Byron comes alive through his words written 1809.

Lisbon and the Great Earthquake

See the devastation wrought upon Lisbon during the Great Earthquake of 1755.

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Find ideas for what to do in Portugal with your children

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What's going on for English-speaking children travelling in Portugal.

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Families often find self-catered houses the best place to stay with your brood of children.


Families often find self-catered houses the best place to stay with your brood of children.
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