King Sebastian's Lisbon

The story of Portugal's child king and his tragic end

Take a self-guided historical tour of Lisbon in the 1570s and learn the poignant story of Sebastian - born a king but died a child.

A Kid in Cascais

Life at the Edge of the Ocean

Visit Cascais with Alvaro, a young fisherman, over the course of a typical day for him in 1910. Tour the town through the eyes of its children at the time.

Byron's Tour of Sintra

Lord Byron's visit to Sintra

The young poet's romantic impluse comes alive through his epic Child Harold. Learn the history behind this classic while touring the old-town Sintra that inspired it.

Self-Guided Tours

See a list of all our children's tours of Portugal

From historical to sports and mystery tours, there are many educational ways for children and families to find fun things to do while touring some of Portugal's most interesting sites and appreciating its history. Our free, self-guided tours for kids focus on the areas of Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra, and help you learn the secrets of Portugal's history in those places. And they'll encourage you to have fun, because these tours are entertaining as well as educational with their light-hearted emphasis on history and learning Portuguese. Click here to browse the contents of our free self-guided tours online or download them as PDF or EPUB files (for e-readers).

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Learn Portuguese

Have fun learning basic Portuguese!

While you're in Portugal, pick up some basic phrases and elementary vocabulary to enhance your experience. Some of our tours have accompanying creative dialogues written to teach English-speakers some rudimentary Portuguese. If you've already studied Spanish, then you might enjoy our Spanish-Portuguese Solver, a pocket Portuguese language guide for Spanish-speakers! One more way to make your trip to Portugal fun and educational.

Get Help

Tailored advice for you

In addition to our free tours, we're happy to help you arrange your own low-cost accommodations (including self-catering) and offer suggestions on your trip - at no cost! Feel free to contact us for assistance.

About Us

Marciano loves history!

Our Kid's Tours are written by Marciano Reis who lives with his three children near Sintra. Along with his collaborator Mafalda, he has a deep knowledge and appreciation of the area. Both of them are more than happy to give you suggestions about putting your travel plans together with children-friendly recommendations, including where to stay, where to go and what to do, especially in the areas of Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra.

We believe that the land of discoveries is also fair game for discovering! We hope that your family vacation to Portugal will be unforgettably great fun!!